Charged Particl Optics: Theory and Simulation
   Project coordinator: Prof. Theo Zouros,
    Dept. of Physics, University of Crete
   Copyright 2010

   This project has been funded with support
   from the European Commission

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SIMION Student Group Projects

The following projects have been proposed for the student groups:

  1. Beam ellipse (Nick Tsoupas, Manolis Benis) - Calculate the beam ellipse at the exit of an element (22/08/2012)
  2. Determination of the R-Matrix (Nick Tsoupas, Manolis Benis) - Numerical calculation of the transfer matrix of various devices (22/08/2012)
  3. e- gun with afocal lens (Mevlut Dogan, Zehra Ozer) - Study the production of quality electron beams using an e- gun with a 7-element afocal lens (21/08/2012)
  4. Fringing fields of a parallel plate analyzer (PPA) (Bela Sulik, Theo Zouros) - The effect of the fringing fields of a PPA on its properties is investigated as a function of the distance of the end of the PPA plates from the slits (23/08/2012)
  5. Focusing properties of a PPA (Theo Zouros) - The focusing properties of a PPA are investigated as a function of entry direction and source position for arbitrary entry and also for the magic angles of 45 and 30 degrees. See notes on PPA in pdf link of Lecture 3.2 (22/08/2012)
  6. Two-stage (tandem) 450 PPA with decel (Theo Zouros) - The transmission and energy resolution properties of a two-stage 45 dgr PPA are investigated as a function of retardation (decel) between stages. The addition of an einzel between the two stages is also explored. (22/08/2012)
  7. PPA in external magnetic field (Jason Greenwood, Theo Zouros) -The mostly deleterious effects of a magnetic field (e.g. the Earth's magnetic field) on the trajectories of electrons in electron spectrometers will be investigated by turning on and off a magnetic field and measuring/viewing its effect on the focusing and resolution properties of an electron spectrometer. (21/08/2012)
  8. Magnetic Bottle TOF spectrometer (Jason Greenwood) -A magnetic bottle electron spectrometer
    exploits the ease with which electrons are deflected by a magnetic field (spiralling along the field lines) to
    obtain 4 collection while maintaining modest energy resolution. (21/08/2012)
  9. Motion in a toroidal magnetic field - Tokamaks (Jason Greenwood) -build the ITER tokamak and test ion and electron trajectories (21/08/2012)
  10. Kingdon trap (Jason Greenwood) - A Kingdon trap will be simulated and some of its characteristics will be investigated by flying particles in its field. (21/08/2012)
  11. Detector efficiency (Kathi Dobes) - Design and optimize a simple electron detector setup (22/08/2012)

The 7 student groups and their selected projects are listed below:

CPOTS 2012 Project information
Project # Group Last Name First Affiliaiton Degree e-mail
2 A Yavuz Murat AKU MS muratyavuz@live.com
2 A Kovács Sándor UoD MS kovacs.sandor@atomki.mta.hu
2 A Dagkli Alkmini-Vasiliki UoI BS alvadagli@gmail.com
4 B Gündoğdu Yasemin SU MS ysmn-1007@hotmail.com
4 B Schrempf Dominik TUW MS dominik.schrempf@gmail.com
4 B Doukas Spiros UoI BS sdoukas88@hotmail.com
8 C Okumuş Nimet AKU PhD nimetok@hotmail.com
8 C Anastasopoulos Socratis UoI BS Telas.-@hotmail.com
8 C Alcocer Velarde David UCM BS venom_dav@hotmail.com
6 D Belshaw Louise QUB PhD lbelshaw01@qub.ac.uk
6 D Gunacker Patrik TUW BS pgunacker@googlemail.com
6 D Herczku Peter UoD MS herczku@atomki.hu
6 D Divanis Spyros UoI BS s_divanis@hotmail.com
1 E Hanton Fiona QUB PhD fhanton01@qub.ac.uk zip
1 E Bal Çınar AKU MS cinar_888@hotmail.com
1 E Zegkos Manolis UoI BS manius1989@hotmail.com
10 F Naughton Kealan QUB PhD knaughton01@qub.ac.uk
10 F Akbaş Hande SU BS3 handeakbas12@gmail.com
10 F Fuchs-Fuchs Alexander TUW BS alexander.fuchs.fuchs@gmail.com
9 G Strigkos Ioannis UoC BS silver.raven@hotmail.com
9 G Zaragoza Cuffi Jordi O. UCM BS zarogaza@gmail.com
9 G Wampl Stefan TUW MS stefan_wampl@gmx.at

Once the projects have been assigned the students in each group should meet asap and discuss how best to organize the work between them. The teacher whose name appears next to the project description above will act as advisor to the group.

Projects will be presented on Friday Aug 31, 9:00-11:00 in 15' powerpoint/SIMION presentations by each group.

Please note that according to the updated detailed work program the extra time of Thursday Aug 30 16:30-17:30 has also been allocated to project preparation. Additionally, the time of Monday Aug 27 16:30-17:30 as well as any times after a lab that finishes early will also be available.


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