Charged Particl Optics: Theory and Simulation
   Project coordinator: Prof. Theo Zouros,
    Dept. of Physics, University of Crete
   Copyright 2010

   This project has been funded with support
   from the European Commission

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Deliverables: Final Report CPOTS 2012

List of deliverables promised in the CPOTS 2012 proposal and their status as of October 20, 2012.
Ref # Title Result type Media type Short Description/Result Priority Status
1 Lists of accomodations PR01 Report TXTFL Text File Accomodation list of participants on website - OK
2 Charged Particle Optics Simulations PR14 WEB Website

Official website of the CPOTS 2012 IP with all associated information


- OK
3 Advertising leaflet and Poster PR17 Public awareness campaigns BRC Paper - Brochures Advertising material for the IP in printed form - OK
4 Lists of accepted students applicants OTH Other products TXTFL Text file List of accepted students - OK
5 E-mail List of all IP participants(students and teachers) OTH Other products TXTFL Text file

- OK
6 Evaluation Procedures POL01 Educational Policy Recommendation TXTFL Text file List of prerequisites for student selection - OK
7 Information material for the students and teacher participants PR12 Plan for educational activities WEB Website

All participatins were notified of their travel schedule, hotel accommodations, location of the IP, daily program, facilities available, and their rights, obligations, and privileges as students of the University of Crete during the period of the IP.

Student information

Teacher information

- OK
8 Implementation of the IP METH01 increased knowledge of the participants within a certain field and topic OR Oral As indicated in the CPOTS 2011 detailed work programme - OK
9 ECTS credit allocated to the students PR07 Certification system TXTFL Text File Credits allocated via a formal ERASMUS form forwarded from our International Relations office to the respective ERASMUS offices of the collaborating institutions - OK
10 website PR16 Online education and
training material (e-learning)
WEB Website A website including all the material taught as well as problem sets, instruction manuals and exam material to be available to interested students in the EU and abroad. -

in progress

OK but presently only individual lecture units and experimental modules are available but only to registered participants (material is password protected). Eventually when the CPOTS IP series is terminated this protection will be lifted.

11 Private evaluation form for IP OTH Other products TXTFL Text File Private e valuation form used by participants to evaluate IP - OK
12 Results of private evaluation of IP OTH Other products TXTFL Text File Results of IP Evaluation - OK
13 Course Study Guide (CPOTS course outline) OTH Other products TXTFL Text File Course Outline - OK
14 Results of official ERASMUS evaluation of IP OTH Other products TXTFL Text File Results of official IP Evaluation - OK
15 Final report
CPOTS 2011
PR01 Report TXTFL Text File Final report of CPOTS2011 activities - OK

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